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Welcome to Tony Cliff Music - a site containing information about his music publications and compositions together with performance and teaching work. There are many music examples and sample score pages available to download from the site so please feel free to explore the pages and links.

Tony Cliff Music Publications

Tony's music is published by several companies, including Stainer & Bell, Faber Music, Studio Music, Kirklees Music and Winwood Music and he has also established his own company, Tony Cliff Music, to publish selected compositions. These TCM publications are all available to purchase directly from this web site and new works will be added on a regular basis so please click on the TCM Sales link above or logo on the left for further information. TCM music publications are also available from music shop and mail-order music supplier Kershaw Music. Tony is also a songwriter and the tonycliffsongs site features several original jazz, pop, folk and blues songs to play and download. There are also two related sites myspace/tonycliffmusic and myspace/tonycliffsongs.

The TCM Sales link above includes full details about ordering, viewing and listening to music on this site. There are mp3 excerpts of the music avaialble together with Sibelius 'Scorch' files which enable you to view scores, complete with page turns as the music plays. In addition there are PDF files included so you may see some actual sample score pages. The PDF files require Adobe Reader or other suitable pdf reader to view the score pages and the 'Scorch' files require the Sibelius Scorch program in order to view and audition the scores.

Click to download Adobe Reader
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'Sibelius Scorch' is a small free download, available by clicking the 'Get Scorch' link logo, and once installed you will be able view and hear example scores. Adobe Reader may also be downloaded from the Adobe logo link above. Finally you will find numerous mp3 files within the TCM Sales, Composition and Performance pages which may be freely downloaded and played. Finally I hope you enjoy navigating the site and investigating the music contained here.

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